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Sightseeing around

Convenient location to the surrounding tourist spots.

  • Tourist attractions

    • About 20 minutes on foot to Lake Kinrin

      Lake Kinrin

      The scenery of the morning mist over Lake Kinrin Yufuin scenery of Yufuin (Yufuin) hot springs.
      Lake Kinrin, the source of the Oita River, has hot springs and fresh water springing from the bottom of the lake.
      Due to the temperature difference, you can see a fantastic sight of fog rising from the surface of the lake in winter.
      It is also said that the fog is the source of the morning fog, which is a specialty of Yufuin (Yufuin
    • About 15 minutes on foot to Yunotsubo Kaido

      Yunotsubo Kaido

      Immediately after crossing Shirataki Bridge" from "Yufu Kan-dori" that extends toward the mountain with Yufuin Station
      The street that extends to the right is Yunotsubo Kaido.
      Along the street, there are souvenir shops selling Oita's specialty products,
      There are many restaurants where you can enjoy local gourmet food,
      It is crowded with many customers throughout the year.
      It is also called Yufuin Ginza" and is a place The Yufuin
    • About 10 minutes on foot to the boarding place

      Yufuin Tsuji Basha (horse-drawn carriage)

      Yufuin's Sightseeing Tsuji Basha (horse-drawn carriage) where the sound of horse hooves echoes comfortably.
      JR Yufuin Station and take a leisurely stroll through the town of Yufuin for about 40 to 50 minutes.
      course returns to Yufuin Station.There are 15 flights a day every 30 minutes from 9am.
      The capacity of one flight is 10 people, and reservations are accepted from 8:50 am on the day.
      Would you like to take a leisurely tour of the horse-drawn carriage while being shaken by the horse-drawn carriage?

      *Pass in front of the Oyado Uraku
    • Will come to pick you up at the inn


      A smiling and energetic rickshaw will guide you around the town of Yufuin
      Exquisite speed and comfortable shaking that is more than a walk and less than a bicycle.
      The moment the rickshaw is lifted by the husband, the extraordinary world begins.
      You can enjoy the four seasons of Yufuin to your heart's content.

    • Approximately 10 minutes on foot to the sightseeing route boarding place / 30 seconds on foot to the daily route boarding place

      nolc /Nork

      A 9-seater electric vehicle that runs at 19 km / h(EV)"Green slow mobility"
      Ride a little and enjoy the scenery, walk a little and enjoy shopping, then ride a little again .....
      For those who want a Yufuin tour where "Nor" and "Arc" are united.
      There are two types of service routes: a "sightseeing route" that goes around famous places and a "daily route" that connects major facilities.
    • About 30 minutes by car to Rakutenchi


      An amusement park in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture.
      A cable car that has a long history since the Showa era and climbs a steep slope of 30 degrees
      You can enjoy it regardless of age or sex, such as Japan's only double Ferris wheel.
      Get in touch with cute animals such as capybaras, penguins, and mini pigs"Animal zone"
      Enjoy roller coasters, ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds"Vehicle zone"
      There are also plenty of rest zones such as baby rooms and observation terraces!
      There is also a natural spring pool for summer only!
    • About 40 minutes by car to the Japanese confectionery Charo Honpo

      Japanese confectionery Charo Honpo

      A long-established Japanese sweets shop loved in Beppu, which has been in business for 50 years.
      At the property, enjoy fresh sweets with matcha on arrival.
      We provide it.
      What are your feelings? "Good material"
      Simple morning sweets that are carefully handmade every morning
      High-quality sweets with a variety of seasonal flavors, etc.
      We sell a wide variety.
      Why don't you stop by when you go sightseeing in Beppu
      Seasonal Japanese sweets and "Dora Soft" are also very popular.
    • About 15 minutes by car to Kijima Kogen Park

      Kijima Kogen Park

      Including Japan's first wooden coaster "Jupiter"
      Screaming attractions and heartwarming attractions, both
      There are lots of fun activities for children and adults alike.
    • About 30 minutes by car to African Safari

      Kyushu Natural Animal Park African Safari

      Kyushu Natural Zoological Park African Safari
      Japan's largest safari park-style zoo located in Ajimumachi Minamihata, Usa City, Oita Prefecture.
      A place where you can meet wild animals.You can enjoy a powerful experience on the jungle bus.
    • About 50 minutes by car to Umitamago

      Oita Marine Palace Aquarium"Umitamago』\

      The aquarium "Umitamago" with the theme of "getting along with animals"
      Including the seafood that lives in the Bungo Channel that spreads in front of you
      You can meet various creatures such as walruses and dolphins.
      At Aso-beach, you can enter the sandy beach barefoot.
      You can observe dolphins up close in the shallow part of the pool.
    • About 50 minutes by car to Takasakiyama

      Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Park

      Takasakiyama, monkeys are in a natural state, and they come to the immediate vicinity of tourists without any stagnation.
      From slightly larger male monkeys to very cute baby monkeys
      Any monkey can be seen in the immediate vicinity.
      The dedicated staff will guide you to the monkeys.
      You can enjoy watching natural monkeys
      It is a place where you can enjoy monkeys and nature.
    • About 50 minutes by car to Harmonyland

      Harmony Land

      Meet your friends in Sanrio, including Hello Kitty and My Melody
      Sanrio Character Park Harmony Land.
      A gorgeous live show such as "Parade Parallel" full of kawaii is performed every day.
      In addition, "Kitty Castle" and "Ferris wheel Wonder Panorama" where you can meet Hello Kitty at any time, etc.
      There are plenty of attractions that everyone can enjoy.
      Character menus are sold at the restaurant, and original goods are sold at the shop.
      A theme park that holds seasonal events and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

    • About 40 minutes by car to the hell tour

      Beppu Jigoku Meguri

      Fumaroles, hot mud, hot water, etc. have been ejected for more than a thousand years.
      It was written in "Bungo Fudoki".
      Because such people are inaccessible land
      It seems that it has come to be called "hell".
      I still call the hot spring spout "hell".
      There are four hells: Umi Jigoku, Blood Pond Hell, Tatsumaki Jigoku, and Shiraike Jigoku.
      It has been designated as a national scenic spot as "Hell of Beppu
    • About 50 minutes by car to Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi Bridge

      Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi Bridge

      The highlight of the Kuju "Dream" Suspension Bridge is
      Selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan that spreads upstream of the suspension bridge
      It is a magnificent landscape of "Shindou Falls / Otaki" and Metaki.
      From the "Walking Path in the Sky", you can see various mountains in each season
      We hope you have a fun time.
  • Transportation facilities

  • Sister facility Beppu Resort

    Information on sister accommodations in Oyado Uraku
    • Bepp Showaen

      Eleven guest rooms scattered on a site of 6,000 tsubo surrounded by the sound of water and wind.
      The voice of seasonal insects, the soothing sound of water, and a private and luxurious time without worrying about the surroundings.
      A blissful time to spend in a pure Japanese-style detached room surrounded by the bosom of nature
      It's a meaningful time just to listen to the sounds of nature without doing anything.
      Meals are centered around seasonal ingredients from Oita, a treasure trove of ingredients
      Please enjoy authentic kaiseki cuisine with the taste of sincerity and skill.
      Please enjoy your meal in the morning and evening to your heart's content.
      The delicacies of Oita's Sankai, which are full of luxury, will satisfy your heart and tongue.
      The hot springs contained a lot of active hydrogen and negative ions, which are rare even in Beppu hot springs.
      Pure natural flow. It is popular for its excellent moisturizing and skin-beautifying effects.
      The large communal bath "Kin no Yu" is a synergistic effect of pure gold tiles and hot springs with a PH value of 8.1.
      It is the best hot spring to the touch.
      On a site of 6,000 tsubo surrounded by the murmuring of water and wind
      We look forward to welcoming you to a place where you can relax beyond your imagination.
    • Hotel Beppu Pastoral

      A quiet hotel Beppu Pastoral surrounded by lush nature on a site of about 6,000 tsubo.
      We welcome you with 100 cherry blossom trees in the spring, refreshing greenery in the summer, and various expressions depending on the season.
      Children Welcome☆From small children to one person, couples, and family groups!
      This is a hotel with a large public bath and an open-air bath of the beauty hot spring "Natural hot spring flowing".
      Our proud natural hot spring, "Bihada no Yu," is a clean and spacious large communal bath.
      There is also a spacious garden open-air bath with a view of the starry sky at night.
      Our chief chef selects the ingredients for the dishes, leaving the deliciousness and passion as they are.
      We have made it rich in fragrance.
      Please relax your mind and body with seasonal dishes.
      We will deliver a comfortable time with a warm smile service.
      Please enjoy in an open restaurant.
      Relax and relax at this lush green facility on a hill overlooking Beppu.