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  2. How to spend at the Oyado Uraku

How to spend at the Oyado Uraku

  • Cooking, hot springs, hospitality

  • Welcome to Oyado Uraku

    It's a small inn with no entertainment facilities,
    Taking advantage of the convenient location to JR Yufuin Ekimae-dori and Yunotsubo Kaido
    You can enjoy your trip meaningfully, or you can put it in your room and heal your daily fatigue.
    Please feel free to spend your time.
  • 15:00 Arrival / Check-in

    After registering at the front desk, we will guide you to your room.
    Take a break with the hospitality of matcha tea and sweets.
  • 15:30 To walk around Ekimae Dori (Yufumi-dori

    After unpacking, go out and take a walk on "Yufumi Yufumi-dori
    Uraku (only courier services are available), so
    Please enjoy the souvenirs at this time.
  • 17:00 First bath

    Uraku you return to Yuraku, the first bath during your stay.
    In the summer, let's sweat from the walk in the large communal bath, and in the winter, let's warm up the cold body.
    The nice thing about room meals is that you don't have to get dressed again after taking a bath.
  • 18:00 Supper

    The main event of your stay in Uraku
    Passionate local sake, rare and valuable shochu, local beer, original soft drinks, and more.
    We have a wide variety of dishes, so how about having them with your meal?
    Please enjoy the conversation with the Nakai with a room.
  • 20:30 Second bath

    If you have a room with an open-air bath, please use this timing.
    You can enjoy your private bath without being crowded.
  • 21:00 In a carefree way

    You can also enjoy a conversation with the accompanying person.
    You can also go to a bar or footbath with a nice atmosphere.
    You can also call a beauty salon or massage to heal yourself.
    You can spend your time relaxing and doing nothing.
    Please spend the night of Yufuin
  • 23:00 Go to bed

    To prepare for tomorrow's schedule, let's rest a little earlier than usual tonight.
    The first bath or walk in the morning should feel good if you wake up well.
  • 06:00 Wake up and take a bath for the third time

    First of all, a bath to wake up in the morning sun.
    The large communal bath is available from 6 am.
    The large communal bath is not very large, but 5 out of 10 rooms have an open-air bath, so it will not be so crowded.
  • 07:00 Take a walk

    When the weather is nice, get dressed lightly and go for a walk to Lake Kinrin
    Breakfast will be more and more delicious.
    Also for a preview of the Yunotsubo Yunotsubo Kaido walk after departure.
  • 8:30 breakfast

    Breakfast, which is said to be large in quantity, is a source of vitality for the day.
    Eat well and prepare for the next walk.
  • 10:00 Check-out / departure

    Check-out is until 11:00
    Yunotsubo Kaido shop will open around 9:30, so
    Yufuin is the first time for Yufuin, and if you want to see a lot, let's start now.
    Look for souvenirs for yourself on Yunotsubo Kaido
    I've been to Yufuin
    If you want to spend a relaxing time, please stay as long as you have time.