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Revisiting customers

That taste again

  • On your way home

     "Say hello to the chief chef"
     "Tell me it was delicious"
     "I reviewed the inn in Yufuin"
     "Most of the accommodation fee is for cooking, right? "
     "It was the best breakfast in my memory"
     "The taste was also artistic for an artistic look"
     "Nothing to say, my body is happy"
     "I certainly received the chief chef's" sincerity "."
     "I'm far away, but I'll definitely come to eat again"
     "This child with a thin diet ate a lot"
     "I'm looking forward to Mineoka TofuI was happy to be able to eat it. "
     "Every dish was a work I had never met before"
     "My husband, who is noisy about the taste, said for the first time,'I want to come again.'"
     "I will definitely come again when this child grows up and can eat"
     "I had seen the reputation of being'delicious', but I was surprised that it was actually so delicious."
     "I went to a lot of well-known stores, but this one was the one that suits me best"
     "I understand the feelings of repeaters.You can't go to other inns. "
     "Yufuin also had a full-fledged tea kaiseki restaurant inn where you can see gourd Hyotei Egg"
     "I knew that it was all handmade, so I was able to feed my child with peace of mind.This is the first time
     "It tastes so gentle that I ate that much at night, but in the morning I didn't feel any stomachache and I ate breakfast completely."
     "I want to show off to various people that I've been here, so I'll get a lot of pamphlets."
     "I've had the opportunity to stay at various inns, but this is the first time I've had such an elaborate dish."
     "When my family talks about'I want to eat delicious food,'it's like,'Then, make a reservation Uraku

    There are many opportunities for customers to say thank you. "Uraku"
    Every day I am surprised that there are so many kinds of words to compliment one dish.
    The chief chef will not be in front of you,
    Be sure to tell the chief chef about your feelings.
    The Chief Chef has made it an encouragement for daily study and is devoting himself to it.
    If you have another chance, Oyado Uraku"Oyado Yuraku".
    We look forward to seeing you again, including the Chief Chef.
  • Only for repeat customers◆Revisited Thanks plan

    "Take that taste again" "Take another person this time",
    For repeat customers who come back to "Uraku
    It ’s just a feeling,
    We have plan for special room rates.

    Tsubaki", "Sazanka", and "Kikyo" on weekdays and the day before holidays (excluding 3 consecutive holidays), the "18th Anniversary Appreciation plan" with benefits is advantageous)

    When making a reservation by phone, please contact us.
    After being informed that you are a "repeater"
    The "stay date" when you stayed before
    Please be sure to tell us the "name of the representative".