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  2. Revisiting customers

Revisiting customers

Cherish once-in-a-lifetime chances

  • On your way home
    There are many opportunities to receive words of appreciation from customers. "Uraku"
    If you have another chance, Oyado Uraku"Oyado Yuraku".
    We look forward to seeing you again, including the Chief Chef.
  • Only for repeat customers◆Revisited Thanks plan

    For repeat customers who come back to "Uraku
    It ’s just a feeling,
    We have plan for special room rates.

    Tsubaki", "Sazanka", and "Kikyo" on weekdays and the day before holidays (excluding 3 consecutive holidays), the "18th Anniversary Appreciation plan" with benefits is advantageous)

    When making a reservation by phone, please contact us.
    After being informed that you are a "repeater"
    The "stay date" when you stayed before
    Please be sure to tell us the "name of the representative".