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enjoy with five senses

A menu full of gems from Oita Sankai, a treasure trove of ingredients, and the ingenuity of the chief chef.
We do not use ready-made products, but use seasonal ingredients and carefully make them from the ingredients.
In addition, we try to serve each and every dish carefully, saying, "While warm foods are warm, and cold foods while cold."
Breakfast, which is a source of vitality of the day, offer a colorful Shokado-style Japanese set.
You can enjoy it with your eyes and tongue until just before departure.
  • You can enjoy it in the morning and evening.

    Nakai wants to provide dishes that show the creator's face through the relationship between the cook and the customer.
  • 【Dinner】Authentic kaiseki cuisine

    The supper, which is freshly prepared one by one, is an authentic kaiseki dish centered on local seasonal ingredients such as "Oita Wagyu Beef" from Produced in Oita Prefecture Bungo Channel
    Oita Wagyu Beef", which was born at the 100th anniversary of Bungo Beef, is characterized by its high-quality fat of 4th grade or higher and its delicate and melty taste.
    Please relax and enjoy the elegant seasoning that makes the most of the goodness of the ingredients.
  • 【Breakfast】Shokado Bento

    Shokado-style Japanese set meal (8 dishes in total).
    We offer a rich breakfast so that you can enjoy various dishes little by little.
  • Children's cooking【Breakfast / Supper example】

Introducing the Chief Chef

  • 【Chief chef】Yuki Nishimura

    Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture
    Trained at hotels and restaurants in Oita and Nagasaki.
    In 2003, he studied under the former chief chef of the museum, Haseno
    2008 Became the chief chef of this facility.